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Drive High-Quality Leads and Sales with Funnelll

While guessing can be fun when it comes to Christmas gifts or The Masked Singer, it can have costly consequences when it comes to your marketing efforts. Funnelll takes the guesswork out of marketing campaigns by helping you identify which marketing activities are working and adjust your strategy for best results. Make the customer journey your secret weapon. Get lifetime access to Funnelll today!

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Level Up Your Sales Efforts with HippoVideo

If we’ve learned anything from The Office, it’s that sales outreach is all about building relationships. (Also, that declaring bankruptcy involves more than just saying, “I declare bankruptcy.”) And because most teams send off tons of emails everyday, your prospects have to shift through jam-packed email inboxes. Hippo Video helps you stand out with hyper-personalized video emails, so your prospects can feel like they’re connecting with you—not your email server. Get lifetime access to Hippo Video today!

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Create Hyper-Personalized Images, GIFs, and Interactive Videos for Email with Nexweave

The power of personalization is boundless, whether it’s your business communication channels or your nephew’s popsicle stick art of your name. (“I will treasure this masterpiece forever.”) If you really want to take personalized messaging to the next level, Nexweave offers an exciting arsenal of personalized images, GIFs, and videos. Forge stronger connections with your audience at scale through hyper-personalized, interactive content. Get lifetime access to Nexweave today!

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Build Your Online Learning Empire with Spayee!

You probably think of DIY in terms of floating shelves and that time you burned yourself with a hot glue gun, and less in terms of creating online courses. With the costs of hiring and the time it takes to learn all the “tech stuff,” building an online course yourself sounds like a pipe dream. If only there was a simple way to create and launch a custom-built course website and mobile app without all the stress. Introducing Spayee.

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Scale Your Business with Growth Automation and TexAu

You don’t have much of a business without customers, and you can’t exactly bribe leads on the street with free samples. (“Here! Try three words of copy for free!”) TexAu takes your lead gen to legendary levels with automations, workflows, and integrations that let you snag the customers you’ve always been looking for. Build your customer base faster. Get lifetime access to TexAu today!

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Collect and Analyze User Activity with HockeyStack

Tired of watching hundreds of website session replays to try and guess why five people converted and the other 9,995 didn’t? (“Maybe they had a really good bagel this morning?”) While heatmaps that show clicks and scrolls can be helpful, they don’t tell the whole...

Measure Campaign Performance Using AI Heat Maps with AttentionInsight

With all the distracting things on the Internet (ooh, a soy candle sale!), it’s hard to know where visitors’ attention is actually going. Good thing you’ve got powerful pre-launch analytics that help you maximize the visibility of key design elements. Attention Insight lets you see your design through the eyes of your users, to make sure you’re getting the attention you want—and deserve! Get lifetime access today!

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Create and Edit Professional Videos Online with Moovly

Making a great video takes more than a tripod and a ring light. (Ham horns are also key.) Thanks to Moovly’s collaborative flow, simple drag-and-drop editor, and advanced customization features, building awesome brand-aligned video content has never been so painless. Fast-track your video creation process and grow your brand with just a few clicks. Get lifetime access to Moovly today!

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