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If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting, you know the hassle of back-and-forth emailing to find a time that works. (“Next month is a no-go, too. Should we try for 3 p.m. CT after the next solar eclipse?”)
Don’t forget about coordinating between time zones and tracking availability across your personal and work calendars.
There’s an easier way to schedule meetings across your calendars—without the mess.
Meet TidyCal.

About Meet TidyCal :
– Plan meetings without the back-and-forth emailing and instantly create booking pages
– Schedule free or paid meetings with clients, prospects, and more
– Best for: Project managers, marketing agencies, and sales teams who want a stress-free way to schedule meetings

Sending back-and-forth emails and trying to coordinate across calendars and time zones is a thing of the past, just like burning mixtapes. (How much Boyz II Men will show my crush I care?)
With the new year, take control of your calendar.
TidyCal makes it easier than ever to manage your bookings with prospects, clients, and more.
Get lifetime access to TidyCal today!

Get lifetime access to TidyCal today!