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Giving web design feedback can get confusing fast, even when it’s just shifting things by a few pixels. (If you’ve ever slightly moved an image in Word, you’d know that’s a recipe for chaos.)
You want a simpler way to handle site updates than shuffling back and forth with screenshots, mail trails, and convoluted calls.
Ready to communicate changes to designers and developers using direct and contextual comments on live sites?
This is ruttl.
About Ruttl :
– Leave comments directly on live websites to deliver precise changes for designers and developers
-Invite team members, managers, and clients to view potential design changes for approval without affecting existing layout
– Alternative to: Pastel, Bluescape, and Usersnap
– Best for: Web designers, content writers, and marketing teams looking to declutter design previews and reviews

Having a website go live without testing out that new content is like going to a party without trying on your outfit first. (Who knew lime green was not my color?)
ruttl gives you all the tools you need to collaborate and change your website before making things official.
Go beyond picture-perfect by being pixel-perfect instead.
Get lifetime access to ruttl today!

Get lifetime access to ruttl today!